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40 winks at work

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Have you ever been at work and thought to yourself “this desk looks terribly comfy, I wish I could take a nap”? With people working longer hours, greater stress levels and a shorter nights sleep, a nap at work becomes more and more necessary to make it through the day. But why settle for a desk when there are all these options…


A popular choice amongst those scouting out sleep-pod options for work is Podtime. Their pods are specifically designed for work environments and come with a CEO price tag too (the Premium Pod starts just shy of £5K). Mildly noise-cancelling and fitted with state of the art locking systems, they certainly provide a safe escape when those deadlines seem like B lines to death. Aside from napping in them, I also reckon they’d be great for scene reenactments from The Fifth Element.


​Next up we have MetroNaps’ EnergyPod. Looking like something plucked straight from the futuristic world of Tron, these souped up recliners are already used by Google and Procter & Gamble. The hooded design is a great alternative to a completely encased pod. CEO Christopher Lindholst says that napping in them can “even provide cardiac relief”, this is great news following the discovery that a single chair can cost nearly $13,000 - a price tag that’ll make anyone’s heart jump.

Pop & Rest

To some, the idea of taking a kip amongst the stares of your colleagues is not an appealing one. Thankfully, Pop&Rest is providing Londoners with a space where they can pay £8 for a 30 minutes rest. In your own pod you can nap, meditate, read a book – your own piece of peace and quiet (for half an hour). This is idyllic for freelancers who might need a quick rest but don’t have a permanent space, or any sleepy city souls seeking a slumber.

Casper’s Dreamery

Similar in concept to Pop&Rest, The Dreamery is a space where customers can rent a luxurious private pod for a bit of escape from the manic NYC lifestyle. Luxurious and innovative to a T, the pods have been designed to induce an impression of floating. They have a tunnel filled with stars, and even a waiting room – a place that you wait before you rest… sounds like twice the resting to me! The child of Casper, every pod in The Dreamery is fitted with a Casper mattress and is a great way to not only expand their brand into the experiential market but also allows potential customers to actually test out their mattresses and maybe drive them towards a purchase. They’ve also teamed up with Headspace, the mindfulness magicians. to soothe with special sleep audio that can be accessed in each pod, but you do have to bring your own headphones - the cheek of it.

Liberation ‘Resta-gon’

Okay, so maybe we haven’t ventured into the industry of sleep-pods or nap bars but we did think it’d be fun to design our own one. We can easily imagine any of our hardworking designers hopping into this ‘Rest-agon’ partway through a long day of being creative geniuses.

REST-AGON by Liberation

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Paul Martin
Paul Martin
Sep 06, 2019


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