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Design from home

Worried about your creative fire being quenched during self-isolation? We've rustled up some ideas to keep those creative juices flowing, ensuring all those design cogs are kept well oiled.

1. Origami Succulents!

Time to brighten up your new home desk?

Bring the outside in without stepping outside, all you need is a couple of pieces of paper and 10 mins. Takes even less watering than their living counterparts too.

2. Movie Poster Magic

One for the cinephiles, redesign your favourite movie posters! Apply you own styles and techniques or interpret the story your own way (it often changes once we’ve seen it right?)

You could even make a game out of choosing with movie posters to recreate: names out of a hat, top 100 list, ask for recommendations etc.

Check out Peter Majarich's 2016 collection 'A Movie Poster A Day' for some killer inspiration!

3. Colouring in

Not just for the children, these day adults use colouring in books as a great way to unwind and relax the mind. It's a great way to kill those extra hours and a healthy way too. You can even have a go at making your own images to colour in, here's one we made earlier.

4. Scratch up on your skills

Take advantage of the inbuilt tutorials offered by the programs you already work on! Learn new skills and master ones you’ve already got a hand at. They can often be found within the applications themselves or within the members communities.

If you don’t have any design programs, most have a free tutorial for a month that which gives you a real chance to sink your teeth in - especially with extra hours in the day!

5. Put the kid's toys to better use

Why not put a sophisticated spin on the LEGO™ set that your kid hasn’t touched since December 26th? Recreate some of your favourite architect’s finest works:

Happy creating from all of us at Liberation! we'd love to see some of your creative quarantine endeavours, send them in and add any other suggestions in the comments below.

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