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Have you ever been at work and thought to yourself “this desk looks terribly comfy, I wish I could take a nap”? But why settle for a desk when there are all these options…

40 Winks at Work

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When you think about how far the gaming industry has come, from board games to arcades, to video games and all the way through to the phone app market, it’s difficult to imagine how much further they could advance. But really, the possibilities are far from limited…

Arcades in the sky

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We caught up with our leadership duo, Andrea Gray & Luke Allum, to get the low down on what a 'breakthrough by design' really means to Liberation. 


Behind the breakthroughs


Fujifilm and Liberation are bringing the world's first Fujifilm Experience Centre to London this Autumn. The store aims to push the boundaries of picture-taking and image-making across three floors in Covent Garden.

The world's first

Fujifilm Experience Centre

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Autonomous vehicles certainly seem to have great potential, anything that allows us to take a backseat (literally) and complete other activities is always going to be a winner...





Driverless Thrills

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Interesting things we've seen and done over the past month.





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